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Where humans come to grow.

An Earth Resort immersed in idyllic forests and volcanoes, like never before.

An Earth Resort

Luxury glass retreats with one way views,
looking out at endless natural vistas

Bloom Suites

An earth resort that disappears into the
hills and reconnects you with your soul.

The Bloom Retreats

Minimalism without compromise. Fully integrated and
luxurious accommodation from self-sustainable and
recyclable materials.


A volcanic lagoon amidst breathtaking beauty where you
escape the noise into desolation.

The Black Lagoon

Black mud baths, massages and natural minerals to rejuvenate your
soul by reconnecting you to mother earth.

The Volcanic Spa

Endless trails, culinary arts, an onslaught of senses and
a plethora of activities for you to find yourself.


Just you, those that matter to you, and the earth in all its tranquil glory. Disconnect and discover who you are.


Earth Resorts

Find your soul with every moment, carry memories forever.

A project executed through the collaboration of three giants, Prometheus, Nokken and Stay Classy (Joen x Amalie).

Black lagoon.

Black volcanic healing waters. A subterranean spa. A universe of radiant wellbeing in hot volcanic mud lakes. Relax and discover a spa experience like never before.

Nature & Discovery.

A resort connected in spirit to the earth. Immerse in tranquil nature trails, permaculture gardens, dramatic vistas of Madeira and experimental gourmet cuisine!

Luxurious Bloom suites.

Disconnect in luxury suites set amidst earth life that completely disappear within nature's natural. Unlock the door to a wonder of our world.