The Healing Garden

Bloom Retreat TerraceA beautiful restorative Healing Garden forms part of the property and is comprised of Es Jardi and The Orchard. 

Es Jardi is specifically designed for activities such as meditation, yoga, Pilates and Tai chi. It also features an outdoor kitchen and dining area as well as a treatment room and Hammam style sauna. It is perfect for workshops and courses with private seating and presentation area.

The Orchard is adjacent to Es Jardi and invites guests to relax and reflect in hammocks amidst fruit trees and small farm yard animals with stunning views of the surrounding village and the Tramuntana mountains.

  1. Meditation space
  2. Yoga / Pilates area
  3. Hammam Style Sauna
  4. Outdoor kitchen and barbecue
  5. Projector for film screening and presentations
  6. Large outdoor Sitting and Dining spaces
  7. Garden Treatment Room for massages and other treatments


The gardens feature:

Bloom Retreat Terrace

Bloom Retreat Terrace

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